Home Security

Lights, locks, and security webcams are just the start.
24/7 home monitoring and control from anywhere on the globe with Control4.

Secure and Safe Home


Security at Your Fingertips

Control4 automation systems protect your home or business by seamlessly integrating your lighting, sensors, security cameras, smart locks, security panels, and monitoring systems.

Surveillance and Network Video Recorders

Use your smartphone or tablet to view and control your surveillance cameras and NVRs (network video recorders) from virtually anywhere. This makes it easy to check on your home whether you’re across town or across the globe.

Digital Smart Locks

The Control4 system works with all major smart lock brands. This system lets you lock and unlock every door in your home using just your wireless device. You can also assign unique codes for visitors, get alerts when your family members come in or out, or program temporary codes that allow delivery people to leave items in a garage or other safe place rather than on your porch. And you’ll never be locked out of your house again.

Control4 Text Alerts

The Control4 system can be programmed to perform actions to keep you safe and secure at all times. Get a text message when someone approaches your front door. Or have lights come on if a motion sensor detects movement at night or your doorbell is activated. You can even get a text if your water heater leaks while you’re away, protecting you from costly damage.

Outsmart Potential Intruders

Programming interior and exterior lights to go on and off in a realistic way when you’re gone gives the impression that you’re at home. This fools would-be burglars and makes your home an undesirable target.

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