Home Theater

Movies, TV and Gaming will never be the same with Control4.
Control it all from one place with Control4.

Automated Home Theater System

The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Imagine how much fun your family and friends will have with a smart home theater. Home automation integrates various services to make your viewing more enjoyable and convenient.

All Your Video in One Place

Play high-definition video on any TV in your home from any source with ease. This includes putting all your HDMI sources (satellite or cable boxes, Blu-ray, media player, gaming device, etc.) on your video display where it’s easy to control. It also puts all HD video, audio, and Internet access on every TV or video display in your house with a single Cat 5e/Cat 6 cable. Control4 allows everyone in your family to play what they want immediately.

Complete Video Control

Any room can become a home theater with Control4. Watch TV, stream movies, access on-demand video, or browse portable devices with the touch of a button. And to get the right ambience, you can dim lights, lower shades, and set the ideal volume and room temperature using your smartphone, tablet, or remote control.

You can also program your video to pause when the phone rings or if someone comes to the door.

And best of all, you control your entire entertainment system with just one remote control. Say goodbye to remote control clutter forever!

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