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Q: What is smart home automation?

Smart home automation covers security, appliances, lighting, heating and cooling, audio and video, Internet and wireless service, and entertainment. Home automation gives you complete control over these systems while integrating them for maximum efficiency. And best of all, you control everything with just one app using a computer or iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet.

Q: How do I control my system?

That’s up to you. Interface options include a TV remote, touch screens, smartphone, tablet, or a computer with wireless Internet service. And many of the functions you’ll only need to set once. After that, they are done automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.

Q: Is it affordable?

It’s more affordable than ever. Prices on components have been dropping in recent years as the technology has taken hold, so this is a great time to invest in home automation. Plus, you’ll save on utility bills for the life of your home thanks to the greater efficiency the system provides. Call Digital Home Northwest for a free consultation and personal quote.

Q: Is the system difficult to learn?

Not at all! Simplicity and ease of use is a big part of the appeal of smart homes. In fact, once your system is set up, you control components with just the push of a button from anywhere, even away from home. And it’s all done with just one interface (smartphone, tablet, TV remote, touch screen or computer). It’s so simple you can easily explain it to the babysitter or a visitor in minutes. Can you say that for your current audio or video system?

Q: Do I have to do my entire house at once?

No. The system is flexible and scalable, so you can start small and add components as your needs and budget allows. For example, you can start with just a smart thermostat, or a home entertainment system in living room, and then build out from there. It’s a flexible system that grows with you.

Q: Will it increase the value of my home?

Almost certainly. Upgrading to the latest automated infrastructure should increase the value by more than the cost of installation. Plus, since many home buyers are now expecting this type of technology, your home will stand apart from others on the market when you are looking to sell.

Q: What if I own an older home? Can I still upgrade to a home automation system?

Absolutely! We have extensive experience with home automation remodels, including work with older, Victorian-era homes. Our expert installers know how to seamlessly integrate automation systems into existing construction without unsightly panels, cords, and wall damage. Also, many of our systems operate wirelessly, further minimizing installation needs.

Q: Why do you only use the Control4 system?

Because it’s the most reliable system available, and has the most user-friendly control platform of all systems. We are Control4 experts, and we use it exclusively. Compatibility with most major brands is possible with IP, IR and RS-232 control.

Q: Will my system become obsolete as technology changes?

No. Part of the brilliance of Control4 home automation is its scalability. You can easily add and upgrade system components whenever you like.

Q: Can I install the system myself?

No, and that’s for your protection. Though extremely easy to use, Control4 systems are complex to set up since they communicate over a network. Installation requires an authorized and trained Control4 dealer to do the work.

But this is a good thing because it means your system is customized to your specific needs. It also means you get the proper support so you can feel confident that it will operate as it should for the life of the system.

Q: What brands do you work with?

Control4 is compatible with the most popular brands including Apple, Sonos, DirecTV, and others. Below is just a partial list of other compatible quality brands. Contact Digital Home Northwest to ask about a particular brand or hardware not seen on this list.

  • SunBrite TV
  • Integra
  • Marantz
  • Atlona
  • ROKU
  • Current Audio
  • TruAudio
  • Atlantic Technology
  • Middle Atlantic
  • Forge
  • Lutron
  • Draper Screens
  • Screen Innovations
  • Stewart Film Screen

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